Friday, 21 June 2013

June 21, end at Ucluelet. Calling it a day

June 21 - Show is over - I just bailed in Ucluelet around 1pm - too cold early on in the trip. You can't stop and be changing or putting tent up every time just to eat and drink. Also headwinds for 1st 7 days then when I did get a 40 knot NW I got too chilled, paddling in Lifa underwear and a light shell, so couldn't stop to eat and drink, as i was only just warm enough in the boat - well, not really warm enough. After a while I got so cold I could hardly hold onto my paddle and had to camp early to stave off hypothermia, wasting half a day of fine downwind runs. My fault for not having a dry suit, but who would have thought a NW would be so cold. Runs were fantastic, belting along at over 22 kph a couple of times.
Blisters and wounds under the blisters killing me and headwind forecast for next 3 days wasn't spelling breaking the record, so I bailed. Too hard of a gig to carry on just for the sake of carrying on

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  1. Awww .... so sorry to hear this, he must be terribly disappointed. Hope he rests well and heals quickly ... and is proud of himself for what he DID accomplish - amazing!